Listed below are lawyers who are pursuing lawsuits related to the February 6th, 2018 losses incurred by investors in the VIX exchange traded products XIV (VelocityShares Daily Inverse ETN) and SVXY (ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures). On that day, these VIX ETPs lost 90% from their closing values on the previous day. Many investors combined lost billions in a single day. These lawyers believe that investors may have been defrauded. If you have lost a substantial sum of money from these VIX ETPs on that day, contact these lawyers to potentially recover some of your losses.

VIX ETP Lawsuits

targeting XIV and SVXY issuers Credit Suisse and Barclays


Jeffrey R. Sonn, Esq.


Joseph E. Levi, Esq.


Peretz Bronstein or Yael Hurwitz


Eileen Epstein

We have been contacted by some of these lawyers to be an expert witness and we intend to cooperate with them, since we believe some of the VIX exchange traded products did not behave as expected on Feb 6th, 2018. We believe that some of the losses investors incurred were unwarranted.